girls pee out of their mouths

I didn't know this either until I saw it up close and personal that yes, girls do pee out of their mouths, and us BOYS have been lied to for all these years! Science class lied to you and here is the proof in the pudding Mr(s). goodluck trying to fool me next time.


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  1. What you should’ve asked is: if pee is stored in the balls (male and female) then why is spacex building their starship out of stainless steel instead of carbon fiber composit, given the massive weight-ratio disadvantage. Is the NASA-breakaway-government behind all this to ommit ever clearer signs of 10th dimensional mindcontrol?
    What does it mean to pee in the first place, is this the metaphysical hivemind of the universe exploring itself, an unsolvable riddle at wich’s core itself is and is not, constantly and never? And why “Cars 3” when you could’ve enjoyed “Fateful Findings” or “Pass thru” -only 2 pieces of unmatched prodigy Neil Breen’s oeuvre?
    That’s what he should’ve asked those girls..

    1. wutzgedudel I’m sorry, I will never mess up this bad again, I apologize on me and my half of my committee that mistakes like this, moving forward, will not happen, we are appalled with disbelief upon the circumstances of the outcome that have Ben places before us. Immediate action and rewrites will be taking place under 24/7 surveillance

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