Mr. Pickles Pilot

Ya puedes ver todos los capítulos de Mr Pickles subtitulados en Español.


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  1. I actually liked it. Kind of tame in places, though. Would it be possible to see the dog eat into a guy’s butt and stare out of his mouth while he wears the corpse like a people suit? Maybe I’m just old fashioned.

  2. This is the most disgusting cartoon i have ever seen.

    Edit: I’ve changed my mind after you get over the shock value, this show is funny!

    1. Krypto Analyst Why the hell would you think it’s a kid’s cartoon?! It says right in the description it’s a pilot that was made for ADULT SWIM! So, either you are illiterate, or just plain lazy.
      I am so tired of people who judge things harshly without making a minimal effort to understand something before doing so. Read first, type second!

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